Store Guide

About the Store

This Store is intended to show you COSMED products and prices and to help you to send a request for a quote.

The Store does not ask or process any payment.


Browsing and requesting for a quote

is simple

because you can evaluate, compare and choose calmly and with the assistance of our Customer Service at your disposal during working hours (9 am to 5 pm Italian time) to assist and solve any need via email and phone,

is convenient

because you will receive a quote directly from us (the manufacturer) at favorable terms and because you can enjoy special offering that will be reported by email and on the website,

is direct and fast

because you will not pass through a broker and you will have a direct relationship with us and because the item will be shipped wherever you’ll like,

is guaranteed

because you will enjoy our (the manufacturer's) warranty and because you will be sure to receive the latest model and not inventories.


To view prices and place request for a quote you must have an Account.

The registration will not be immediate because we shall have to check if you meet the necessary requirements, since the registration is reserved exclusively to healthcare professionals.

After the verification of the requirements, you will receive an email with the credentials to access your Account.

Please, click here to verify if you can register from your country.

If your country is allowed, please click here to request your Account.